Woman Discovers Her Online Stalker for Years Was Her Own Boyfriend

keyboard online stalkerThis story will either send chills down your spine or cause you to face-palm yourself in utter exasperation. A 22-year-old university student in England named Ruth Jeffery was deeply distressed after being harassed by an Internet stalker for more than three years. During that time, the stalker not only barraged her with sexually explicit photos and videos; he also impersonated her, sending naked photos of her to her parents, as well as friends and family members, and even emailing strange men saying she was sexually attracted to them and giving them her address.

Only much later would she piece the clues together and discover the identity of her stalker: It turned out to be her own jealous boyfriend who took sick pleasure in making her life a living hell.


It's absolutely terrifying to think that the man who she had been confiding in about the trauma of being stalked was the actually man behind all the abuse! Of course, you can't help but wonder why this woman didn't suspect her boyfriend in the first place -- especially because he was the only one who knew certain details in the emails and had access to the naked photos. But you can't blame her for wanting to ignore the warning signs.

And, besides, you can't help but have compassion for Ruth when you hear how she was affected by the stalking: She was so upset by the abuse that she went on anti-depressents, developed an eating disorder, and even considered suicide. It takes a true psychopath to watch your girlfriend be so stressed and continue to inflict so much pain on her.

Thankfully, Ruth came to her senses and eventually became suspicious of her boyfriend. The mystery came to an end when police finally traced an email to his computer. Hopefully, this sicko has earned himself years and years behind bars.

Why do you think it took Ruth so long to discover her stalker was her boyfriend?


Image via Baddog_/Flickr

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