Casey Anthony Will Pay for Caylee's Death After All

Casey AnthonyThe official verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial may be not guilty, but it looks like the mother of Caylee Anthony will be paying for her daughter's death. Paying through the nose. A Florida judge says Casey owes the state $100,000.

So it's not a murder conviction? It's better, as they say, than nothing. Or maybe it's better than that?


The money will go back into the coffers of law enforcement who investigated Caylee's case, specifically her alleged "disappearance." Her defense in her daughter's murder walked her right into that one, as her lawyers maintained Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool. She never "disappeared" they said, earning Casey a conviction for lying to the police and costing them significant time and resources for nothing more than a wild goose chase.

She failed Caylee by not telling police the truth. And now Casey is being punished for making up stories about where her 2-year-old was, including the allegations that some faux babysitter had taken off with her. She's being punished for the one thing that bothered most of us more than anything -- that no good mother would fail to report her child "missing" for a month, leaving police with little to go on. No one was ever able to prove that Casey killed her own child, but the stuff that made us so sure she did it -- her disgraceful treatment of her child -- is what forced a judge to levy the huge fine. The stuff that made America hate Casey Anthony is the very stuff that is getting her in the end.

And let's talk about that fine, shall we?

Since Anthony got off, we've heard a lot about people planning to boycott any venture that would put money in her pockets, lest she profit off of her child's death. There's talk too of what she needs in order to build a new life far out of the spotlight. It would take a substantial amount of money for plastic surgery or to really, fully disappear in a way that a wily paparazzo could never find her. A big, fat fine eats right into her good time.

For a young woman detested the world over for partying while her child was dead, there could hardly be a better punishment, could there?

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