Tucker Carlson Is Not a Pig (VIDEO)

tucker carlson greta van susterenLast night Fox News host and conservative bonehead Greta Van Susteren and Daily Caller editor-in-chief and conservative bonehead Tucker Carlson engaged in an intense, highly heated argument about an article Carlson's website had run.

The article in question was one that covered an interview Mike Tyson had done with a Las Vegas radio show, where he says some really vile, really disgusting things about Sarah Palin and her alleged tryst with former basketball player Glen Rice. (I won't publish what the boxer said, but if curiosity is getting the best of you, you can see the interview here.) The Daily Caller simply published the article, reporting on what had happened without making jokes or comments on anything Tyson said.

That didn't sit well with Van Susteren. She wrote a scathing blog post calling Carlson a "pig" with no judgment, who was pushing "smut" and violence against women. And then the two went at it like starved alley cats fighting for a piece of herring on her show.


Van Susteren felt that Carlson was taking a low blow, publishing the article without any accompanying comments. She also wrote: "I am suspicious Carlson’s website is not doing well and this is one quick last breath to create buzz to keep it afloat." Carlson defended himself after the argument, telling Politico:

One of the most famous athletes in the world attacks one of the of most famous political figures in the world. That struck us as news. We didn’t endorse what Tyson said; we in fact condemned it. I can’t imagine how any fair reader of our story could conclude that we were anything but disgusted by what Tyson said.

During the "debate," Carlson mentioned his confusion with Van Susteren's misinterpretation, as well. He told her he was bewildered by her reaction, saying, "Somehow you assumed that we were somehow making this attack on Sarah Palin, which is the opposite in fact of what we were doing." But Van Susteren wasn't buying it. She retaliated with, "I think you're lying, Tucker. It's not journalism. It glorifies violence against women."

So, there are two ways to look at this situation. One, Van Susteren, a known Sarah Palin defender, is attacking Carlson simply because she doesn't like the guy. I mean, after all, one would think a champion of Sarah Palin would want to attack Tyson, not Carlson, right? Or, two, Carlson is acting coy, and he did publish the interview as a way to boost his website (something Fox would never do). I think I'm going to go with door number one.

By no means am I a Tucker Carlson defender, but what happened was news. It was something that was being reported on. It was pertinent to the political world. Carlson didn't have to publish comments or a play-by-play with the article, because it spoke for itself. I find it a little strange that Van Susteren is taking his "silence" as a "pro-violence against women" message. Where's the connective tissue? 

Looks to me like Van Sustern just has it out for Carlson. You know, like he has it out for Palin.

Watch the feud for yourself.

Whose side are you on?

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