Mom Who Beat 12-Year-Old May Not Be All Bad (VIDEO)

We all know what it feels like when our children are treated poorly or bullied. We want to protect them so badly, we would do anything to make sure they're OK, even hurt someone. But one mom in Long Island took that desire a little too far this week when she arranged a fight between two 12-year-old girls, one of whom was her daughter. Most outrageously, she then joined the fight and kicked one of the girls over and over.

Sounds mature, right? The whole thing was caught on tape and this mother could be sent to jail all because she wanted to protect her daughter. She claims the girls had been harassing her child for months. 

Regardless, she took it way, way too far.


Any mom with a child who has been bullied can understand some aspects of this story. Who wouldn't want to kill someone to protect their child, even if that "someone" was 12. But our job, as parents, is to be better than our primal urges; otherwise, how can we expect our children to be?

We may want to kick some heads in on behalf of our kids, but we can't. Because we're supposed to be the adults. What this woman did was wrong on so many levels. What about that 12-year-old girl who she kicked? She has parents, too, presumably. And those parents have to deal with the fact that their little girl was beaten by an adult who was supposed to know better.

The part that is the most awful to take is that if Daphne Melin (the mom in question) is telling the truth and her daughter was being bullied, then her daughter has also lost her main protector now, too. Melin will probably go to jail for her part in this. So what happens to her daughter? No one has won this fight.

Melin says the school was unwilling to help her and I feel for her. If she is telling the truth and she did try proper channels before resorting to violence, then I feel terrible for her. But there had to be some kind of middle ground between doing nothing and beating up a child.

Unfortunately for Melin, she didn't use her adult brain to get there and the end result is that she will probably serve time for something any parent might have wanted to do. It's really an awful story all the way around.

Do you think this mom is at all relatable?

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