Assistant Prosecutor Suspended for Moonlighting as S&M Fetishist

S&M dominiatrix bootsA lawyer for the New York State Attorney General's Office named Alisha Smith has been suspended without pay pending an internal investigation, after The New York Post reported on her second job, moonlighting as an S&M dominatrix. Whooops! The rationale the state gave has something to do with employees having to "obtain prior approval ... before engaging in any outside pursuit ... from which more than $1,000 will be received or is anticipated to be received." Rrrright.

This is ridiculous for a couple of reasons. Sure, Smith made over $78K at her "day job," but that doesn't exactly make someone well-off by NYC standards. Maybe she actually needed the extra cash and didn't exactly want to "ask permission" to engage in this alternative lifestyle-y work. Also, come on, as if the state government doesn't have bigger fish to fry than worrying about a woman who somehow manages to work a second job?


What if the second job had been writing a book or doing something part-time for her kid's school district? Playing piano at a bar?! Would they have come down so hard on her then? Hells no! This is all the state covering themselves, making it look like they don't "condone" sex work.

I could understand if her gig as a fetishist was actually interfering with her work as an attorney. But that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, it sounds like she actually juggles the two gigs pretty well. Three years ago, she was praised by then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (now the governor of NY) for obtaining a $5 million settlement from Bank of America and other firms in a securities fraud case. Go, Alisha! Sheesh. And yet, this is the kind of AWFUL, despicable person the state would rather subject to suspension and an investigation than keep working for them. Laaaaaaame.

Oh well. I have a feeling this incident will only serve to make Smith even more of a star in the S&M world, so she probably doesn't have to worry too much. Hopefully the "internal investigation" only ends in some kind of perfunctory slap on the wrist for Smith. But it's really the state of NY that looks ridiculous for making such a big deal out of a "so what?" situation.

Do you think Alisha Smith should have been suspended?


Image via Manuel Cacciatori/Flickr

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