Mom Surfs Web for 'Pippa Middleton' While Son Lay Beaten & Dying

biannela susanaWhen Biannela Susana's 2-year-old son was savagely beaten -- and eventually killed -- by his 12-year-old half-brother, Christian Fernandez, a few months ago, she obviously didn't think much of it. The mom waited almost four hours before calling for medical help after her toddler son, David Galarriago, was beaten into unconsciousness. What was she doing during this time? Oh, you know, just a little online banking, some downloading of music, and perusing photos of Pippa Middleton and David and Victoria Beckham. The usual stuff one does while their son lay there bloody and unconscious.


If Biannela wasn't such a sociopathological moron, and she called for help right away, her son would have still been alive. Prosecutors said by the time her son was rushed to hospital, it was too late to save him due to the severity of his injuries. His older brother had slammed David's head into a bookshelf, causing him to die from blunt force trauma. While the toddler was knocked out, Biannela did Google the phrase "when somebody gets knocked out" and went to a site about concussions 11 times. (Again, in between checking celebrity sites and watching music videos.) She and her son are getting theirs now, though. Sort of.

Christian could become America's youngest person ever to serve "life in prison" after being charged as an adult over the murder of his brother at their Florida home. This wasn't his first offense against his brother, either. He had broken his leg in a previous assault and apparently had "a history of violence." State Attorney Angela Corey said, "If we don't intervene now and do the tough thing. We have to protect the public from this young man." Biannela is being charged with aggravated manslaughter.

There really is no punishment that will ever bring poor little David justice. I mean, yeah, I think both of these freaks should be left to rot in jail for all of eternity, but A) it won't bring him back, and B) I seriously doubt they'll learn anything. Because they are both on a whole new level of messed up.

What do you think about this?

Image via Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
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