Brave Churchgoers Tackle Florida Gunman Who Shot Wife & Two Priests

church pewsTwo churchgoers at the Greater Faith Christian Center Church in Florida wrestled a crazy Florida gunman to the ground after he entered the church Sunday during a prayer service and shot two priests (both of whom survived). The parishioners were able to grab the gun from Jeremiah Fogle and hold him until police arrived. Later, investigators discovered another sad and chilling detail of this madman's story: Prior to the church shooting, Fogle had killed his wife in their home just one block away.

Whatever could have sent this man into such a mad rage?


Neighbors can only speculate that Fogle had targeted the two priests because they were part of a rival congregation: The Fogles had been members of the Greater Faith Christian Center but had started their own ministry out of their house and regularly hosted Sunday services. Perhaps the issues that initiated the split eventually caused Fogle to take revenge on the church minsters?

But that doesn't explain why Fogle shot and killed his wife, Theresa, in their home. Even Theresa's sister, Maria Beauford, said she had never known Jeremiah to be violent toward his wife. Unless the investigation uncovers some motive, the only explanation for this bloody spree is that the man behind it was very, very unstable.

Unfortunately, no explanation in the world can make this story any less unsettling. The fact that the attack took place in a venue most people assume is a safe haven, a church, doesn't rest well. If you can't be safe and secure in your place of worship, where can you be? Thankfully, the two churchgoers were courageous and quick-thinking enough to stop this man before he killed even more people. But that violation of safety is something that will be very difficult for the churchgoers who witnessed the shootings to recover from.


Image via Brandi Jordan/Flickr

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