Caroline Kennedy Girls Shouldn't Be 'Horrified' by Grandma

Jacqueline Kennedy TapesThere is a ton of hoopla surrounding the release of tapes by Caroline Kennedy, of her mom, Jacqueline Kennedy, giving an interview to Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., back in 1964. And, well, there should be a huge deal made of this! It is like opening a time capsule and getting a sneak peek into a world that seems totally foreign to so many of us. 1964 ... bwhaaa ... there were no personal computers (which means no Internet), there were still separate bathrooms for blacks and whites in many, many places in this country, there were *gasp* no mobile phones — or dare I say — answering machines (that is what we used to call the machines that recorded voice mail messages). And opinions on the sexes were pretty ass backwards.

So why is there so much shock and surprise at Jacqueline Kennedy verbally kowtowing to her man?


Talking about how, essentially, his political opinion was worth more than hers. Going so far as to say that women just weren't "suited" for politics. Why all of the surprise?

It was 1964. Hasn't anyone watched Mad Men? Pan Am will be on television soon too, and will offend many a forward thinking woman today. Women were different back then. Times were different. I am not saying that is how it should have been, but that is how it was! You know, back then, a lot more people were cigarette smokers too. Horrifying!

So while Caroline's daughters, both in their early 20's, may be horrified by what their grandma said, they need to realize that their grandmother lived in a very different time. If those same questions had been asked in 1984, or prior to her death in 1994, I am guessing her answers would have been very different.

I think it is fair to say that Jacqueline Kennedy, along with thousands of other woman in this country, would give the very opposite advice to their granddaughters today. Do you really think she would tell them to get all of their opinions from their men? Are you kidding me? That's so ... well ... so 1950's and 60's.

So to the grandkids I say this: Just understand that though those words sound horrifying today, it isn't the same interview you would have heard had it been conducted 20 or 30 years later. Times and opinions change and those words, from that time in history, shouldn't make you look at your grandma any different.

Are you interested in getting these tapes and hearing more than just the snippets?


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