Sickos Recreate 'Weekend at Bernie's' By Taking Dead Body Barhopping

Weekend at Bernie'sWell, I'll say this for the guys who took the dead body of Jeffrey Jarrett, put him in the car, helped themselves to his ATM card, and then went barhopping. They proved that most things that work in movies do not translate to real life. That goes double if the movie you're recreating is Weekend at Bernie's.

The '80s flick worked because Andrew McCarthy (ah, Blane, swooooon, oh wait, wrong movie ... moving on) and Jonathan Silverman were just actors pretending not to tell anyone that their boss was dead. Carting him around town was officially less creepy because you knew he wasn't stinky. And he didn't have a family worrying about him. Not a real one anyway.


Jeffrey Jarrett, on the other hand, was a dad and real estate professional who apparently made the ginormous mistake of allowing his old college buddy, Robert Jeffrey Young, to move into his house when he was down on his luck. Perhaps he should have watched You, Me, and Dupree. Owen Wilson proved having your buddy move in is a disaster. And what did I say about the real-life version of movies not being so great?

Anyway. Jarrett died under mysterious circumstances, although Young has not been implicated. He says he found his "friend" dead, and cops seem to believe him. Young HAS, however, been arrested for partnering up with Mark Rubinson and allegedly loading Jarrett's body into Rubinson's car, then joyriding around town, drinking brewskies at several bars after helping themselves to Jarrett's ATM card. They've been charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft, and criminal impersonation. And they should go down in history as some of the worst friends ever.

Not so funny when it's a real person, is it? Kind of makes you remember watching the movie and giggling ... and makes you want to go take a shower.

Were you a Weekend at Bernie's fan?


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