Masturbating Cable Guy Wins Worst Customer Service Award

shane wheatley cable guy masturbatedAnd you thought Jim Carrey was creepy in the movie The Cable Guy! OMG, this real-life Comcast cable installer totally makes "Chip" Douglas look beyond tame. The 31-year-old named Shane Wheatley went to a 24-year-old woman's home in Sarasota, Florida (one of those states that seems to have more than its fair share of psychos!) on July 31 to install cable service and began touching himself through his shorts. (Unfortunately, it wasn't just one of those "adjustment" issues most men seem to take no issue with -- even in front of strangers.) When the young woman turned to look away, she said Wheatley exposed himself and began masturbating while smiling at her. The woman then left the apartment. Um, no kidding?!?!

Oh. My. GOD. How incredibly disturbing is this? It's beyond words!!

Thank goodness the woman reported the incident to Sarasota County Sheriff's deputies. But their response is nothing short of ridiculous.


Although they tracked down and arrested Wheatley for the crime this week, the cable installer pleaded guilty and even requested a polygraph to clear his name. But because the investigation turned up enough evidence, he's been charged with "Exposure of Sexual Organs." But ... wait, huh? What does that mean?  And what exactly is the punishment for such a charge? This guy should be locked up! Can you imagine ... him just showing up and doing this to innocent cable customers? Gahhhh!

If I were that young woman, I would be beyond devastated. She may even need a couple sessions of therapy after this. There's no question that if things played out as she reported -- and it seems like the police are in her court -- she was sexually harassed, and Wheatley violated the sanctity of her home. My heart really goes out to her. With hope, at the very least, her harasser is fired from his day job. Ugh.

Do you agree Wheatley should face stricter punishment?


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