Horned 'Vampire' Who Murdered 3 Men Is No Edward Cullen

vampire caius veiovisHe's no Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson, that's for sure. Caius Veiovis, formerly known as Roy Gutfinksi before he changed his name, is being held on murder charges in Massachusetts. Triple murder charges, that is, along with a few counts of kidnapping. Veiovis, 31, is a Satan worshipper (surprise!) and is also a blood-sucking vampire. A few years ago, he and his girlfriend stabbed and sliced a teenager in the back, then kissed as they lapped up the blood oozing from their victim's wound. He served about seven years in prison back in 1999 after that aggravated assault, but apparently, he didn't learn any lessons.

Back on the streets, the vampire had horns embedded in his forehead ... and, naturally, killed three men.


I liked it better when vampires were sparkly hot guys with the ability to fly. I like them a lot less when they have "666" tattooed to their forehead and go around killing people. Not cool, Vampire Veiovis, not cool.

But as with many cases of murder, Veiovis knew the guys he was killing. He and two buddies, Adam Hall, 34, and David Chalue, 44, ganged up together to erase three Hells Angels members. Hall is one of the outlaw biker group's Massachusetts leaders, and was about to go on trial for assault, kidnapping, intimidation, extortion, and cocaine distribution. So the vampire and his two cohorts killed the Hells Angels who were going to testify against Hall.

Veiovis, Hall, and Chalue pleaded not guilty to the triple murder and are being held without bail.

It's at this point in Veiovis' life that being a vampire could come in really handy. With a vampire's great vision and incredible speed, strength, and telekinesis skills, Veiovis should be out of jail in no time, granted there isn't any garlic around. He should try to escape sooner rather than later, because it's my understanding that anyone, vampire or not, who's killed a Hells Angel is in for a world of trouble behind bars.

There have been other vampire attacks recently -- a "vampire" in Texas attacked a stranger in her home, and a she-vampire attacked an old man at a Hooters. Maybe these two, along with Veiovis, can join forces and move to Transylvania or something. I'm kind of over them here in the States, aren't you?

Veiovis and Chalue aren't believed to be members of the Hells Angels, and they'll be arraigned on September 19. That is, if Veiovis doesn't fly away first.


Photo via Berkshire County DA's office

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