Mom Who Smothered Twin Newborns Should Be Sterilized

Most everyone can become a parent. It's just a biological fact. If you're born with the right parts and you use them correctly, you can have a baby. But not everyone should become a mother and every day there are news stories that convince me more and more of that fact.

A 25-year-old in Tennessee recently hid nine months of pregnancy with twins. And when the twins were born, she smothered both of them to death. The details are sick, twisted, and wrong. The first baby came out, fell in the toilet, and began to cry. To keep him quiet, she held his nose and covered his mouth. Then baby number two came: "[She] put her hand over the baby's mouth and held it there until the baby died, which she said took less time than the first child."

I never want to read a sentence like that again. Ever. She put the lifeless bodies of her full-term babies in a laundry basket and attempted to pretend like nothing happened. There is no excuse.


Women have options and choices. She could have used birth control and not become pregnant in the first place. But then maybe her birth control failed. Then she could have had an abortion before 24 weeks. She could have found a loving home and given the babies up for adoption. But if all else failed, she could have taken the babies to a fire station and dropped them off at a baby safe haven, no questions asked.

There is simply no excuse for what she did. Those helpless babies didn't ask to be made or to be born. They were brought into the world by her, lived for seconds, and then treated like garbage all because she was too afraid to tell her parents she was pregnant.

In a world where people who want babies can't have them, the idea that this woman would discard life like this and not take advantage of any of her options is sickening. And while things aren't black and white and clearly this woman had mental issues beyond just being afraid to tell her parents, there is no atoning for what she has done.

She needs to be locked up permanently and possibly forced to tie her tubes. If that seems too harsh, I wonder what those poor little boys would think if she is allowed to breed again. We take our ability to breed for granted, but we shouldn't.

There are some people who simply cannot handle doing so. And whether it's because she has mental problems or because she is just evil, we will never know. Either way, she shouldn't be allowed to ever do it again.

Do you think she should be allowed to have children?


Image via TedsBlog/Flickr

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