Constitution Day Quiz Will Make You Feel Smart (Or Dumb)

Both sides of the political aisle are often cited for trampling on the Constitution of the United States. This document that makes us great and strong is often taken for granted. We will live to regret that. 

The fact is, it should be part of the right to vote to have some understanding of the Constitution, but few do. We learn what we learn early and most of us don't manage to retain anything but the highlights.

And while we struggle to even remember that September 17 is Constitution Day, our children will be busy learning the basics on September 16 -- the day that falls closest to the holiday and, therefore, the day that it's observed.

But do you know as much as a sixth grader when it comes to the document that makes this country great? Do you even know about the holiday? Take this (really easy) quiz and find out:


1.) Why is September 17 (or close to it) Constitution Day?

  • A. Because it's an awesome day.
  • B. Because kids are newly back in school and they aren't too bored to learn about the constitution.
  • C. Because it was on that day in 1787 that delegates from the Constitutional Convention held their final meeting with the sole purpose of signing the document. Once they signed it, they sent copies to state legislatures for ratification.

2.) George Washington, who was unanimously chosen as president of the Constitutional Convention, didn't go to college.

  • True.
  • False.

3.) Where is the Constitution now?

  • A.) The Basketball Hall of Fame
  • B.) A McDonald's in Peoria
  • C.) The National Archives in DC

4.) US laws are made by:

  • A.) Al Gore
  • B.) Al Sharpton
  • C.) Congress

5.) How long is a Presidential term?

  • A.) 4 years
  • B.) 25 years
  • C.) 57 years

6.) What does "I plead the fifth" mean?

  • A.) I can't talk now. Eating.
  • B.) I refuse to testify against myself.
  • C.) I don't like you.


1.) C.

2.) True.

3.) C.

4.) C.

5.) A.

6.) B.

See how smart you feel now! Show your 11-year-old how smart you are and give them this quiz. In your face, sixth grader! Boo-ya!

Now be honest: Did you know about Constitution Day?

Image via Official U.S. Navy Imagery/Flickr

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