Obama for America Watchdog Website 'Attack Watch' Deserves to Be Mocked

attack watchThis week, Obama for America (OFA) launched a new watchdog website called AttackWatch.com. Hey, it makes sense with all of these terrorists putting bombs in their panties that if you see something suspicious, you should say something.

Except that AttackWatch.com is not for reporting potential threats to national security. It’s for reporting dissent against President Obama.


The site’s tagline is: Get the facts. Fight the smears. Once registered, users can report the “massive lies” told by GOP presidential candidates like Rick Perry who apparently lies about the number of jobs Obama’s stimulus created. Governor Perry claims that the $800 billion-plus stimulus passed by President Obama in 2009 created zero jobs, but that just can’t be true, because the CBO totally says otherwise. Check out this video from Lee Doren to find out why Rick Perry is right and Attack Watch is wrong. 

Attack Watch uses the infallible source Media Matters for America to discredit conservative talk show host Glenn Beck on matters pertaining to Israel. I wonder if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will report President Obama’s attack on Israel by saying they should withdraw to pre-1967 borders… 

One of President Obama’s favorite words is unity. When he was elected, he was declared The Great Uniter by the press; he was going to usher in a new era of bipartisanship and transparency. It’s hard to reconcile that with someone that would create and promote a tattle-telling website for the few Obama-loyalists left to report supposed untruths being told by those that dare to disagree with the president.

It’s not just unfathomable – it’s ridiculous. So ridiculous, in fact, that rather than reporting dissent (didn’t Hillary Clinton say that was patriotic anyway?), Americans have taken to mocking Attack Watch mercilessly. This video from Misfit Politics is particularly hilarious:

On Twitter, the #tcot (Top Conservative on Twitter) crowd has completely taken over the #AttackWatch feed with giggle-inducing tweets like:

#attackwatch I'd like to report my neighbour - Bob, for surreptitiously scraping the Obama sticker off the bumper of his Prius. -@AmeriPundit


What's hairy, smelly, lives in the woods, and reports you to the government? Attacksquatch! #AttackWatch -@iowahawkblog

We mock Attack Watch because this is America, and we are free to do so ... just as free as we are to disagree with the president. This is not Cuba, and we don’t have to fear that some Ché Guevara-esque figure will put a bullet in our brains for being disloyal to the president.

Thank you, OFA, for launching such a silly website that reminds us of how good we have it here in the U.S., where we are free to mock you for trying to pit citizens against one another. Maybe Attack Watch should check your divisiveness out. 


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