6 Facts About Elizabeth Warren That Show Senate Candidate Is One of Us

Elizabeth WarrenIf there was ever a time to move to Massachusetts, it might be now. Elizabeth Warren has officially thrown her hat in the ring to reclaim the Bay State's second Senate seat for the Democrats in 2012. Traditionally focused on reforming Wall Street, the Treasury advisor now has her eyes on ousting Republican Scott Brown.

But who is Elizabeth Warren? Besides the woman who helped form the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and chaired the Congressional Oversight Panel created to investigate the U.S. banking bailout? Besides a Harvard law professor? Why should we really care about her? Because she's a politician who is just like us! Just take a look at some down-home facts about this woman vying for the big time:


1. She's never run for public office. Hard to believe with all the times Warren's name has come up in Washington -- from consideration as a Supreme Court nominee to her work with the Treasury department -- but she's a newbie starting off with what promises to be one of the most watched races in the country next fall.

2. She shares author credits with her kids. Not afraid to share the spotlight, Warren has authored several books with daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi, a writer and business consultant. That says a lot for her potential to compromise in Congress.

3. She has humble roots. TIME might consider her one of the nation's most influential people, but Warren wasn't always bending Washington's ear. She was born the daughter of a maintenance man in Oklahoma. 

4. She's always worked. Always. Since she was 13, when Warren started waiting tables to make some money. She had a scholarship and worked to put herself through college. So much for Brown's team's assertion that she's a member of the Northeast liberal elite.

5. She's a champion debater. And not just because she's a lawyer! Warren won a state championship in debate at age 16.

6. She taught Sunday School. Methodist Sunday School to be exact.

Will you be watching the goings on in Massachusetts next fall?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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