Sick Man Makes Hobby of Mocking Tragic Teen Deaths on Facebook

hands on keyboardSean Duffy, 25, has a weird hobby. He likes to find random teenagers who have recently died in some horrid and tragic way and mock them relentlessly on Facebook for everyone they knew to see. Oh, and then he creates YouTube videos parodying the deceased and their grieving families, as well.

For instance, when Sean discovered that Natasha MacBryde, 15, died after being hit by a passenger train near her home in England, he posted comments on the Facebook tribute page created by her brother, James, that included: "I fell asleep on the track lolz." And then five days later, he created a YouTube video called "Tasha the Tank Engine," which featured Natasha’s face on a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Pretty sick, right? Wait 'til you hear about the girl who overdosed on drugs after being blamed for one of Sean's stunts.


After Duffy learned about the death of Lauren Drew from an epilepsy attack, he created a Facebook page entitled “RIP Lauren Drew,” where he posted images captioned “Lauren’s epifit” and “Lauren’s rotting body.” Then he created one of his famous YouTube videos, which featured a coffin saying, “Happy Mother's Day.” He signed off the video by writing: “I don’t know why you’re all crying down there, it’s soaking here in hell.” And then one of Lauren’s friends, who was wrongly blamed for the hate campaign, took a drug overdose.

What else? Oh, Duffy also posted abusive messages online about Hayley Bates, 16, who was killed in a car crash last September, as well as Jordan Cooper, 14, who was stabbed to death by his uncle in February.

So, what is this dirtbag's problem and, more importantly, what is his punishment? Well, for starters, apparently Duffy was unemployed, suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, and lived a “miserable existence” drinking alcohol alone at home. (Not an excuse.) As for his punishment, he got 18 weeks for each of the offenses, which will run back-to-back, and he's been given a five-year Anti-Social Behavior Order and was prohibited from accessing websites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bebo, and MySpace.

Is this punishment enough for Duffy? Will he learn anything as the time passes? Doubtful. He's clearly a very sick individual -- a sociopath who made terrible situations so much worse for the victims' family and friends. But he doesn't just need a harsher sentence. He needs boatloads of counseling.

How sick is this?


Image via mikecpeck/Flickr

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