Mysterious Hot Dog Statue Spooks Iowa Residents

hot dogWas it you who left your wiener in Council Bluffs, Iowa? If so, police have found it and they're keeping it in custody until you get your ass over there to reclaim it. In case you're not sure that it's your hot dog authorities have found, here are some details: It's six feet long and wears an American flag as a cape/container. Ringing any bells?

It was last seen terrorizing school children as they waited at a neighborhood bus stop. The cops were called in to investigate and happened to be astounded by what they discovered.


The calls to the police described a man lurking around children in a hot dog suit. Police discovered that it wasn't a person at all, but one helluva weird statue. It looks just like the one pictured, but with its arms broken off. It's a creepy, tall statue of a hot dog in a bun squirting ketchup onto his head, licking his lips, and looking downright disturbed. Is the hot dog about to eat himself? Freaky.

It's not the first time the hot dog has been seen scaring people around town -- it's been spotted in other parts of Council Bluffs too, hiding in the shadows, just waiting to come to life and attack innocent townspeople. Police captain Terry LeMaster says no one knows anything about the mysterious frankfurter or where it came from, but I guess we can all rest easy knowing it's safely stored in the police precinct and won't be scaring anybody else anytime soon.

In case you're wondering, nothing like this has ever happened before in Council Bluffs, so don't just go assuming that they're a town plagued by recondite barbecue favorites because ... they're not. Geez.

Anyway, this hot doggin' hot dog has gotten itself a lot of attention, national attention. Yeah, he's missing some arms and has a look in his eye that's not a little bit cannibalistic, but he just needs a home, you know?

So if it's yours, pick him up, will ya? And stop leaving him around town. It's just weird.

What's the strangest thing that's happened in your town?

Photo via Digital Sextant/Flickr

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