Drunk Driver Mom Injures 4 Kids & Gets Off Scot-Free

car crashSeems like Casey Anthony isn't the only unfit mom getting out of suitable punishments. After downing vodka, Southern Comfort, and Coke, a mother in Northern England took four children -- aged 3 to 10 -- with her on a terrorizing car ride and is escaping jail time. Witnesses say the mom, Rabbin Bashir, was driving "like something out of Grand Theft Auto," weaving in and out of traffic, and onto the pavement, before she smashed into a brick wall. She ended up injuring the kids -- three of whom were her own. The kids weren't wearing seat belts, and they were screaming as Bashir drove for about two miles going up to 50 mph. OMG, what ... a ... nightmare.

This surely brings to mind horrible memories of what happened in New York in 2009 when a drunk and stoned Long Island mom drove against traffic, killing herself and seven others. Thank goodness no one died in Bashir's case, but they could have. That's why it's impossible to understand how she's gotten out of serving jail time.


Bashir was sentenced to 18 months of a community order with supervision, has to complete a drunk-driving course, and will be banned from driving for 20 months. But that punishment just doesn't seem like enough.

One of the children suffered a broken leg and another broke a wrist in the crash. The other two children suffered bruising. It's absolutely heartbreaking to think of them being left in her care again anytime soon. Bashir reportedly suffers from depression and has been disowned by her family, and the children currently live with their father, although she has regular contact.

Supposedly she wasn't jailed because this was her first offense, she cooperated with police, and has pleaded guilty. Still, given just how scary this drunk driving incident was, it seems to me at least ensuring she won't be anywhere near these kids -- at least until she can prove she's fully rehabilitated or successful at mental health treatment -- would have been a wiser move on the part of the judge.

Do you think Bashir should have gone to jail?


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