Cindy Anthony Admits Truth About Her Daughter (Finally!)

As predicted in the promos for the show, Cindy Anthony's interview with Dr. Phil McGraw on the Dr. Phil Show today was full of excuses. She claimed seizures and postpartum depression caused Casey Anthony, her daughter, to act the way she did after Caylee Anthony went missing. But even in the midst of what any normal person would call intense denial, Cindy Anthony let the truth slip out. 

The interview, which aired in part on Tuesday, September 13 and will finish on Wednesday, September 14, covered the Anthonys' marital issues and Casey Anthony's bizarre and destructive behavior just before and then after little Caylee Anthony went missing.

Though Casey Anthony was acquitted in July of murdering her toddler daughter, the rest of the world thinks she is guilty. And though her mother has always defended her (and made outlandish excuses), today she did something else. In the interview, Cindy said:


I'm not making excuses for her. I want to find out what's wrong with Casey. I know that there's something wrong.

Never mind the first part because, of course, she IS making excuses. It's the second part that is most interesting. She admits it. She admits something is wrong with her. And knowing what we know -- that seizures are a cop-out -- then it's fairly obvious it's something else entirely. Something much more sinister and evil.

As her mother, Cindy Anthony has to make things up to possibly even sleep at night. It's impossible to see her and not feel badly for her. No matter how frustrating it is to see her defend her daughter again and again even as we all know she is terribly wrong, most of us can probably also understand it.

No one wants to believe the worst about their child. No one wants to believe they could raise a monster who would hide her own child's body, lie about it, and then go out and party every day for weeks. If you admit that, then what? You would probably have to kill yourself.

But to me, the above statement makes it clear that Cindy Anthony knows the truth. She knows there is something deeply wrong with her daughter that seizures and postpartum illness can't explain away. But she needs the excuses more than we do. She needs to believe she didn't raise a monster. And when any of us think about it, who could blame her?

She knows the truth. But she can't face it and still live.

Do you think she is making excuses?


Image via Dr. Phil Show

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