Cops Gone Wild at NYC Parade Are an Embarrassment (VIDEO)

nypd dirty dancingEvery Labor Day there's a West Indian Day Parade that stretches down a wide avenue in Brooklyn, New York. "Parade" is a bit of an understatement though -- it's more like a raucous carnival. It attracts about one million New Yorkers every year. A celebration of Caribbean heritage and cultural pride, the event is extremely high energy with music so loud it feels like it will burst your eardrums. Trust. It's fun! But in its 43-year history, the West Indian Day Parade has had its fair share of dark spots -- there were three fatal shootings this year alone. That's not exactly what everyone is talking about, though. It's the fact that on-duty, in uniform NYPD cops were filmed bumping and grinding -- dirty dancing if you will -- with parade participants wearing barely-there outfits.

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?


Never mind the fact that a policeman was left wounded and three citizens dead when extreme violence broke out only blocks away from where the dancing cops got their groove on. Yeah, never mind that.

Let's talk instead about what grown men in uniform should and shouldn't do when protecting the citizens who pay for their salaries. While to me it seems more than obvious that this was poor behavior, that they shouldn't act like this while on duty, some are saying that cops are human too, after all, and got caught up in the spirit of things.

Fine. I'll allow that. It's not like officers have to be stone-like statues on duty, but I think a line was crossed here. The salacious nature of the dance (oh my ... I'm starting to sound like a sixth grade dance chaperon) was inappropriate for someone who's supposed to be keeping people safe and sound.

The NYPD slogan is "Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect" -- pretty sure all three of those values were violated once they thrust their pelvises into the behinds of bent over dancers. In the wake of some less than encouraging news about our police force here in the city, it's unfortunate that the NYPD has suffered another embarrassment.

WATCH the cops get down:

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Video Shows NYPD Cops Dirty Dancing at West Indian Day Parade:

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