Fat Guy Sues Restaurant Because He Doesn't Fit in Booth

white castleIf you're so large that you don't fit in a fast food restaurant's booth, do you: a) realize it may be time to stop eating fast food; b) vow not to come back until you take off a few pounds; or c) sue the restaurant because they should make their booths bigger, dammit. Well, since it's America, the answer -- c -- is obvious.

Martin Kessman, a 64-year-old dude who weighs in at about 290 pounds, likes his White Castle burgers, but when he went to sit down and enjoy some of his favorites in 2009 in Nanuet, New York, he couldn't fit in the booth. He told the New York Post: “They’re stationary booths. I’m not humongous, [but] I’m a big guy. I could not wedge myself in."

So, of course, he's suing.


After complaining to White Castle, they apparently sent him what he considered some "very condescending letters" along with some coupons for free burgers. That wasn't enough to satisfy him -- especially because they wanted him to pay extra for the cheese on the free burgers, which outraged him (my favorite part of the story). While he vowed not to go back in the restaurant again because he feels like an "outcast," he wasn't about to give up his free burgers -- so he sent his wife to get them and any others he's wanted since then.

I know there are plenty of reasons people gain weight and how difficult it is to lose it; and yes, there are healthy fat people. I'm not trying to bash the overweight masses by any means, but c'mon, this is ridiculous. If you don't fit in a booth, maybe you should be sending your wife out for some salad instead? Or better yet, getting on a bike or walking and buying it yourself.

He says the restaurant also said they'd expand the booths, but still haven't done so two and half years later. And he's getting hungry, dammit, so he's suing not only to get bigger seats, but also for "unspecified damages," which I can only imagine. Extreme burger withdrawal?

He says he just wants to "sit down like a normal person.” Well, people of normal weight can sit down just fine. How far must restaurants and businesses go to accommodate people? White Castle says if he had asked, they would have provided him with a chair.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Expanding the world because people's girth is expanding isn't helping anyone. Yes, it may be humiliating if you don't fit in a restaurant booth or airplane seat or what have you, and I can only imagine how heartbreaking that would be, but the best outcome is that such a situation serves as a wake-up call to do everything you can to get fit and healthy, which likely means you won't be needing a booth in a fast food restaurant anytime soon.

Do you think this lawsuit is ridiculous?

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