Levi Johnston's Claims About Palin Family Must Have Some Truth

Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's CrosshairsEver since Levi Johnston broke onto the national stage as Bristol Palin's teen baby daddy, he's come off as sort of a publicity-hungry, twerpy d-bag. And over the past three years, we've had to endure news of his various attempts to claim and hoard his 15 minutes, like saying he'll pose for Playgirl -- groan. The latest: "His" (yeah, I'm sure he did a LOT of the writing) book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs, due out on September 20, which apparently reveals lots of damning juice against Bristol and mommy Sarah Palin. (It also has a hilariously sensationalistic cover, see?)

The most cringe-worthy story is one about Bristol's pregnancy. Levi says that when then Alaska Gov. Sarah got preggers with baby Trig, Bristol was so angry that she said that she should be having a baby -- not her mother. Levi claims Bristol told him in March 2008, "Let's get pregnant!" Cue collective "Uuguhhhh, no!!"


Now, in spite of how much contempt I have for the Palins, I still find it a little hard to swallow Johnston's story as a fact. What 17-year-old girl tries to get pregnant to get back at her mom? That's all kinds of screwed-up. But then again, there's plenty that Levi confesses that doesn't seem so off, like how he says that Sarah had the idea to adopt Bristol's baby to "avoid a scandal." That I totally buy, especially knowing how image-conscious and scary ambitious the woman has been. And I also have to wonder if Levi's sharing some of these stories out of pure desire for more tabloid drama-fueled fame (very possible), and/or because I'm sure he's already burned any kind of bridge he had with Sarah.

That said, maybe the truth is somewhere in between. Who the heck knows, really. What I think we can definitely conclude is that both Levi and Bristol could have been more responsible about birth control. Whether or not the pregnancy was vindictive? Geeze, we can only hope not.

What do you think about Levi's claims?

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