Selfless Mom Loses Job After Donating Kidney to Son

mother son kidneyIt's a universal fact that (sane) moms would do anything for their kids. My mom stood in line with me to buy the latest New Kids on the Block tape I wanted and once let me put an ice cream bar in the microwave just to see what happened. She's the best! And I know that if I ever needed something serious, she'd be right there, too. Just like Philadelphia mom Claudia Rendon was there for her son, Alex. He needed a kidney transplant, and as good luck would have it, Claudia was a match. She felt like it was an absolute blessing that she was able to be a donor for her son, and thanked God for her fortune. But soon, Claudia's luck would run out.

Everything with the kidney donation went fine, it was her job that was pulled out from beneath her. After returning to work after her planned sick leave of absence, she found out that her position had been filled by someone else. She'd been fired.


After being called a 'good employee' by her company, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance let Claudia go while she was taking time off to donate her kidney. The company, which trains novice mechanics on how to repair airplanes, wouldn't comment on the situation. And it's not necessarily like they need to -- it was within their legal rights to terminate Claudia during her leave.

Having already used her vacation days earlier in the year to be with her dying mother, Claudia was out of time off. Her employer made her sign a leave of absence contract that stated that there was no guarantee that they'd be able to hold her job for her. But Claudia, like everyone, thought her company would have a little heart. It'd been a terrible year -- she lost her mother, lost her uncle, her father was diagnosed with leukemia, and her son's kidney failed -- she felt like "everything was coming down all at once." Who can blame her?

Even though her company was legally allowed to fill her position with someone else, it just doesn't seem right or fair. It's not like Claudia took a leave of absence to watch Judge Judy in bed all day and crank call her neighbors. She was doing something good, something selfless, and something every mother would have done. You'd think that kind of benevolence, charity, and altruism would be valued characteristics in an employee.

Guess not. If only someone as kind and giving as Claudia would donate a heart, and a brain, to the Aviation Institute of Maintenance.

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Mom Loses Job After Kidney Donation:

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