Motorcyclist Rescued From Beneath Burning Car By Superhuman Strangers (VIDEO)

burning car off motorcyclistYou could call it a miracle that this week in Logan, Utah, a group of strangers risked their lives to pull a burning car off of a motorcyclist in the minutes after an accident lodged 21-year-old Brandon Wright under the BMW that hit him. I'd prefer to think that's just the inherent goodness of man, that people don't need to know someone to help them. But there's something else amazing about the video of these heroic Good Samaritans, shot from a nearby office building.

They're all working together. Strangers. Construction workers. College students probably heading to class at Utah State University. Passersby. Folks who the police are still trying to round up to say their thank-yous because they didn't stick around for glory.


They didn't seem to know each other from Adam, but in the blink of an eye, they worked together to identify the problem, lift a 4,000-pound piping hot Beemer off the ground, get the man trapped underneath out and far enough away that he'd be safe from any explosion, and then set the thing on the ground. It takes a college basketball team months of intensive training to work with such fluidity. Off-site team-building workshop leaders get paid big money to get office workers to act like that. At the risk of bringing politics into the mix, it would take an act of God (or someone like Him) to get Congress to act like that.

That's the miracle out of Logan, Utah today.

It's not just that people came to help Brandon Wright, the motorcyclist who laid down his bike when the driver of the BMW crossed his path (the incident seems to be accidental on the part of both drivers). With him lying in a hospital in stable condition, Wright's rescuers are heroes, don't get me wrong. But they're more than that.

They're evidence of true grace under fire. They're like a symphony or a ballet, except without a director or choreographer. And they leave me feeling good about the world, how about you? Check out the video and try to keep your heart from leaping:


Image via YouTube

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