Dr. Phil Makes Casey Anthony's Mom Cindy the Enemy (VIDEO)

dr. PhilCindy Anthony has spent an awful lot of time making excuses for daughter Casey Anthony. But from the way Dr. Phil is talking about his "grilling" of Caylee's grandma and husband George Anthony, maybe the one she needs to make excuses for is herself. With the first part of the Dr. Phil Show interview with the Anthonys moved up to Tuesday because of the US Open, the talk show host is trying to generate buzz to make sure people watch. And that means the good doctor is throwing Cindy right under the bus.


The last bit of promos leaked out of Dr. Phil's studios had Cindy saying she thought her daughter had a seizure while Caylee was drowning in the family pool. This round includes a MySpace message allegedly written by Cindy 12 days before she actually called 911 to report the toddler was missing (you know, while her daughter was still out partying with no kid in sight):

My Caylee is missing. She came into my life unexpectedly just as she has left me. Jealousy has taken her away, jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all the love, support and strength given to her.

Take that any way you want. You can guess how Dr. Phil wants us to take it. Granted he also leaks a bit of her excuses for the messages, but it's just enough to leave us shaking our heads and clucking, as Cindy claims she didn't know the child was missing "physically," only that Casey was keeping the child away from her grandparents. Then Phil pounds us over the heads with it when he points out that as a grandfather himself, he has thought long and hard about going 30 days without hearing his grandchild in the background (at the very least) when talking to his own child.

Add to this the promo featuring Dr. Phil asking Cindy about the investigation surrounding her alleged perjury on the stand during Casey's trial, and it sounds an awful lot like there are two suspects here: Casey and her mother. Most of the nation is an agreement that Casey did it. It's hard to sell viewers on that. So Phil has moved on to mommy dearest.

Do you think that's fair? Check out what he had to say on the Today show and tell us, do you think Cindy should be in trouble with the law, at the very least for waiting so long to call police herself?


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