Abducted Toddler Mysteriously Returned to His House

Kienan HebertHow many times have you heard the words "abducted toddler" and thought, Oh, this is going to be a nice story to read? That's what makes Kienan Hebert so remarkable. The 3-year-old went missing from his home in Canada's British Columbia.

And then five days later, he was back. Sitting on his couch with a blanket. Wondering where his Mommy and Daddy were.


Making the story that much more bizarre is the fact that police aren't exactly sure how he ended up back in his house five days after a massive search began for the missing toddler. With their house an official crime scene, Kienan's family had decamped down the street for a few days. And though police were poring over the place during the day, they apparently were gone at night, so the abductor who snuck in the first time around to steal the boy just did it AGAIN to put him back. 

The kidnapper even called the police (after safely making his getaway, naturally) to tell them the boy was alone in the house. What a ... nice guy? OK, not exactly. But there's some proof this guy isn't a total monster. Beyond returning the child in seemingly good health (the Toronto Sun has a picture of him, happy as a clam, playing with a balloon on his lawn after the incident), he knew a 3-year-old alone in a house was not exactly a safe idea. He made sure the toddler had someone show up well before the morning when the cops were expected to return to their crime scene investigation work.

That's saying something about the man's (woman's) humanity.

Who knows what happened out there. I'm hoping looking at that little boy, this person saw what we see: the goodness of a child, the pure, innocent spirit who really doesn't deserve to be subjected to the horrors of the real world ... not now. That will come soon enough.

Whatever his motivations, I'm glad he saw that the right place for a 3-year-old is home with Mommy and Daddy. Because we have enough horror in this world. We don't need more unhappy "abducted toddler" stories.

What do you think of this case? Will you be hugging your kids tighter tonight?


Image via Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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