The Harvest Moon Will Make Your Life Weirder Than Ever

harvest moonThe term Harvest Moon sounds so ... wholesome, doesn't it? Makes me think of playing with cornhusk dolls and carrying bushels of wheat to a barn (not that I've ever done either of those things. Does wheat even get stored in a barn? Doubt it.) Anyway, don't be fooled by the benign Little House on the Prairie-esque lingo: This year's Harvest Moon, which goes into effect tonight and peaks tomorrow night, is more like a "Bad Moon Rising."

Traditionally, the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox (September 23) is given the title of the Harvest Moon. That's because it typically hangs very low in the sky at this point, and back in the day, farmers used to take advantage of the extra light to get some after-hours harvesting done.

Okay, now that we've gotten the history lesson out of the way, on to the juicy astrological stuff.


This year's Harvest Moon kicks off a time period of undetermined length known as The Grand Irrationality, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You can expect huge changes on nearly every front, from relationships and career to, on a grander scale, government and the environment. The tricky part is, you'll be faced with all these MAJOR DECISIONS ... and none of your options will make much sense. (Imagine having to choose between job transfers to two different locations, neither of which you've ever even wanted to visit.) In other words, expect the unexpected.

Perhaps more importantly, expect everybody to bug out big time during The Grand Irrationality. While some people can take what the universe throws at them and roll with it, others sort of lose their s**t when their world is turned upside down. Unfortunately, those around might not weather the storm well enough to be reliable sources of support -- think inner strength. As far as your own sanity goes, don't let the chaos bring out your worst traits (obsessive-compulsive flare-ups are very possible).

Getting nervous? Don't freak. Just hold tight and roll with whatever comes your way -- change is good. Even if it doesn't seem like it at first.

What changes do you want to make?


Image via Terry Ross/Flickr

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