Alyssa Campanella Should Win Miss Universe 2011

alyssa campanellaUSA! USA! I'm not usually much of a "Go, team, go!" kinda gal, and I'm even less of a beauty pageant fan, particularly when toddlers dressed like prostitutes are involved. BUT, that said, I can't think of a more appropriate person to win the Miss Universe Pageant on Monday, September 12 than Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011. Just one day after the 10 year anniversary of 9/11? Come on, give it up for Miss USA!

I'm not the only one rooting for Campanella -- even people who follow this type of thing expect she'll at least make the Top 4. And I hope she does. To me, she proved herself as pageant royalty at the Miss USA competition when she gave the most non-commital, no-way-anybody-could-take-offense-at-this answer to her Big Question, regarding the legalization of marijuana. (The upshot: She's neither for nor against. Also, she's both.)

Hell, this girl might even have a future in politics!


Seriously, though, I do believe Campanella deserves the crown. She's just as cute-as-a-button! And when was the last time we had a redheaded Miss Universe? (Disclaimer: I told you I don't follow pageants, so for all I know it could've been last year. In which case, why not back-to-back ginger winners?)

As far as other contestants, word has it Miss Panama, Sheldy Saez, and Miss Albania, Xhesika Berberi could give Campanella a run for her money. But of course you never do know with these things. Myself personally, I scrolled up and down through the headshots of contestants on the pageant's official website for what felt like hours, and instead of helping me narrow my choices down to a few favorites, the experience gave me what I can only describe as the lip gloss and hairspray equivalent of brain freeze.

Which makes sense, really, because they're all beautiful girls and probably all of them should win. So I must go back to my original logic: Alyssa Campanella should be crowned Miss Universe because this year, this week, the USA deserves a bouquet of flowers and a tiara.

Do you think Alyssa Campanella should win Miss Universe?


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