Male Models Arrested at Fashion Week Had It Coming

models arrested
Models leaving the precinct
Models aren't necessarily known for their smarts. Unfortunately, two particularly dim models were caught doing something so incredibly dumb that even the police were astounded by their stupidity. Yesterday, two male models were caught smoking marijuana on the back steps of a Fashion Week tent in New York City and were arrested. The police said that usually they would've just confiscated the pot and moved on, but there were 150 other officers around, and the police commissioner was next door. So naturally, they felt like they had to make a bust.

It's not that smoking weed is dumb (necessarily) but doing it in front of 150 cops is. The real crime, however, was the tie-dye t-shirt.


The two models were released from the precinct a few hours later and probably headed back to the Fashion Week tents to tell their harrowing tale of tempting fate, and losing. I mean, come on guys. If you're going to strike up a doobie, the least you could do is smoke it in the bathroom like every other self-respecting teen model.

Maybe the guys were just trying to be healthy, though. Instead of eating the regular old model diet of ice chips and cotton balls, perhaps these savvy guys were looking for a natural, albeit illegal, way to stay slender. New research shows that marijuana actually can help people maintain a healthy body weight.

All right, that's probably giving these dopes too much credit. They went outside to smoke their joint in front of 150 cops -- they deserved to be arrested. Their crime against society, and the one guy's crime against fashion, are punishable offenses, and I hope they learned not to get high in front of the NYPD again.

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Photo via Splash News

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