Brilliant Guy Holds Surprise Orgy for Annoying Neighbor

houseI've dealt with an annoying neighbor or two in my day. Know how I handled it? I quietly resented them from inside my apartment until their atrocious habits became so unbearable, I was eventually forced to move out of my sun-drenched abode. The healthy way. So, I'm kind of in awe of the guy who was so fed up with his neighbor, he advertised an orgy at his house on Craigslist. Genius! Terrible!

Forty-four-year-old Philip Conran couldn't take his neighbor's antics anymore. So he advertised, for all the Internet to see, a massive sex party at said neighbor's house. And people showed up! One dude apparently even went to the wrong home, groped a teenage girl, and was arrested. Not cool.

But now Conran's paying for it. He's been sentenced to three years of probation and 200 hours of community service. And he also has been ordered to pay for the neighbor's house alarm system.

Is anyone else dying to know what this neighbor did?


Because that would make deciding whether or not the bogus Craigslist ad was appropriate. Like, if the guy just had some yappy dog or something, totally uncalled for. But, if we're talking about a person who was constantly blasting music at 4 a.m., parked his pickup halfway in Philip's driveway, and generally had a rude disposition, well, I kinda think it's in order. Hell, I kind of think it's brilliant.

I mean, who can't sympathize with a pain-in-the-ass neighbor? We've all had 'em. Hell, I've even got one now. At least once a month she gets off-her-rocker hammered and loses her keys, so she bounces a tennis ball or a stick against the building while screaming, "Elizabeth!" Everybody hates her, though. Including her roommate. So that's enough revenge. My point is, there's not a whole heck of a lot one can do about rude neighbors that will curtail their obnoxious behavior -- save for call the police, but that's only a temporary solution. If you can at least find a way to have fun with the whole mess, more power to you.

Maybe just try to avoid things that will send pervy dudes to teenage girls' houses.

Have you ever dealt with a rude neighbor?


Image via james.thompson/Flickr

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