View of 9/11 Attacks From Space Is Oddly Comforting (VIDEO)

september 11 view from spaceTen years after the September 11 attacks, most of us probably think we've looked at the tragedy from every possible angle. Naturally our perspective has most often been from below, where we all felt very small that day. It was as if our world was collapsing on top of us, as if there was no sky beyond the smoke and dust. We suffocated under the horror of it all.

So it's fascinating, and somehow appropriate, that NASA just officially released footage of the 9/11 attacks shot from space. American astronaut Frank Culbertson captured the video from 200 miles above on the International Space Station, where he was orbiting the earth with two Russian cosmonauts when the towers were hit.

Where there was, as it turned out, a blue sky after all.


The images are jarring: To think that the actions of one group of human beings would be cataclysmic enough to send smoke signals through the galaxy! Culbertson described the sight perfectly when he said, "It's horrible to see smoke pouring from wounds in your own country from such a fantastic vantage point."

I haven't heard a more fitting word yet to describe Ground Zero: A wound. Which, no matter what we build on top of it or around it, will always be there. The wound has become a scar, but a deep one.

Here in NYC, we felt disconnected from the universe that day ... forgotten. Cast aside. To me, this footage is an incredibly valuable reminder of the fact that somewhere, someone was watching. Powerless to help, but suffering right along with us.

And that the universe will always be bigger than our biggest wound.


Image via HuffPo

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