Casey Anthony Forces Mom Cindy Into Another Desperate Act

Cindy AnthonyCindy Anthony is a desperate woman. Her granddaughter, Caylee, is dead, and the entire country is more or less convinced that her daughter, Casey Anthony (hello), did it. Tough row to hoe for a granny? Now if she'd just stop trying to find new excuses to get Casey off the hook, it might look more like she actually cared about the little girl than proving she was a good mom.

So what does Cindy think really killed Caylee? Hint: it wasn't chlorophyll.



And before you say, OK, that makes sense, lots of kids have seizures, she's not talking about the 2-year-old. As part of her no-holds-barred, no limits interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, Cindy told the talk show host/TV doc that Casey had a grand mal seizure once back in 2005. Based on that ONE seizure, she claims that her daughter could have had another in 2008. During that time, we're supposed to believe, Caylee ended up in the family swimming pool and drowned while her mother was incapacitated and unable to save her.

Wow. And the jury thought the prosecution's case against Casey took some major leaps?

One of the major glaring problems here is that many people have one grand mal seizure in their lives ... and never have another one. Ever. That she would suddenly have another three years later is a stretch at best. Too convenient at worst.

It's also worth pointing out that if Casey had a seizure and then suddenly had another one, she'd know what had happened. She'd know that you need to call the doctor. And she'd know that she has a pretty good excuse when she calls the medics for the child. So why the lying? Why the hiding of the body? And why didn't Casey's lawyers call for a brain scan to prove seizure activity?

You know what? I'll stop trying to poke holes in the logic now because it's evident Cindy Anthony has none. She's a desperate woman trying desperately to prove her daughter's innocence. It's hard to be the mother of a cold-blooded killer, even if a jury has said she's "not guilty." Now if only she was as desperately fighting for the poor little girl who will never have the chance, the nation might show this woman a little sympathy.

Do you think Cindy Anthony is a good mom to continue fighting for her daughter?


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