Man in Gumby Suit Foils Ridiculous 7-Eleven Robbery (VIDEO)

gumby robs 7-11Is there any greater indignity than being confronted by a man in a cartoon costume? An unfortunate 7-Eleven clerk suffered the embarrassment Monday night in San Diego, California when a man in a Gumby suit sauntered through the doors and attempted to rob the place. The clerk naturally thought that Gumby was just joking around, but when the costumed robber said he had a gun, then fumbled around in his Gumby suit, the clerk started to take things seriously.

As the clerk reached into the cash register, Gumby's accomplice in the getaway car (was it Pokey or Prickle?) honked the horn, which made Gumbs nervous enough to abort the mission and flee the scene, dropping the 27 cents he'd stolen onto the floor. Guuuummmby! God!


I've changed my mind. Is there any greater indignity than "robbing" a 7-Eleven of 27 cents in a Gumby costume and then fumbling the booty and leaving empty-handed? For shame. What would Nopey say?

Gumby may have once just been a slap of clay, but today he's likely a teenage boy acting on a dare from his friends. In the old days, Gumby could walk into any book, with his pony pal Pokey, but now he's all walking into convenience stores and messing around with a quarter and two pennies. But as the 1967 theme song says, if you have a heart, then Gumby is a part of you ... which means a little piece of each of us robbed that 7-Eleven earlier this week. We're all on the line.

Police are on the lookout for Gumby and his accomplice -- they're offering a $1,000 reward for any info. Their tip? The Gumby costume was green. Thanks, guys.

WATCH Gumby rob the 7-Eleven:


Photo via YouTube

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