Man Sues Greedy Co-Workers for Not Sharing $99 Million Lottery Win

mega millions lottery ticketHere's an interesting question to ponder on this Thursday morning: Let's say every month you and your co-workers chip in $5 each month for an office lottery pool. Unfortunately, you miss a payment when you're out sick, and wouldn't you know it, that's the very time the group wins the jackpot. Do you get a share of the winnings?

That's exactly the situation Edward Hairston from Ohio found himself in after his co-workers won $99 million in the Mega Millions drawing while he happened to be out sick recovering from a back injury. They're refusing to give him his share because he didn't make the $5 payments for June, July, or August. Now Hairston is suing to get his share of the prize, and you know what?

I hope he gets the money from these greedy jerks!


Hairston had been part of the office pool for five years, which obviously demonstrates he was serious about it. His lawyer even said that the group had an unwritten policy to cover for co-workers who were not able to pay if they were sick or on vacation. So, why should he be kicked out of it just because he didn't make the measly $5 payment for those three months? Surely, one of his colleagues could have kicked in the cash for their sick co-worker.

Not to mention the fact that even if Hairston was to get a share of the winnings, all the other winners will still receive about $2 million each (after federal and state tax withholdings). It takes a really greedy person to squabble about someone else getting a payout when they're already getting such a substantial stack of free cash.

I would think the whole point of a lottery pool would be to build camaraderie in the office and have something co-workers can look forward to together. Denying their office mate his share goes against the spirit of good office relations. If ever you needed proof that money can do ugly things to people, this would be it.

Do you think Hairston should get a share of the lotto winnings?


Image via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

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