6 Eerie Similarities Between Sarah Palin & Barack Obama

Barack Obama Sarah Palin

Time to give credit where credit is due. Ann Coulter got something right about President Barack Obama last night (yes, it's been marked on the calendar). The right wing pundit said that Sarah Palin has become the "Obama of the Tea Party."

Coulter was trying to explain to Bill O'Reilly why the former Alaska governor should just "fish or cut bait" and let America know whether she will run for the presidency in 2012 (apparently she missed the activities to pass the time until Palin has to announce). But it was her wording that hit the nail on the head. Palin is, in fact, a lot like Obama. These two politicians share a raft of things. Just look:


1. A Taste for Crappy Food. Call them friends in fat, and grease, and sugar. Mrs. Obama may be the face of eating healthy for America, but her husband loves his cheeseburgers and chips. And we all know what Sarah Palin thinks of the nanny state denying our kids their cookies. Just don't tell Mrs. O, and everyone can have their cake ... and eat it without having to go run around the White House six times.

2. A Desire to See Donald Trump Run for President. This depends, really, on whether Palin does decide to run before the upcoming deadline to get on the Florida primary ballot. But Trump has said that Palin wants him to run, and it's pretty darn clear that Obama would be in heaven if it happened. The president already beat him on the birther issue. Think he wouldn't want to take that toupee on at the polls?

3. A Michele Bachmann Problem. The possibility of Palin and Bachmann both running for the Republican nod has already been (on a very sexist level) termed a cat fight. But the Minnesota congresswoman's win at the Iowa straw poll ought to be weighing on the mind of the president right now too. Where is a good batch of glitter when you need it?

4. Sex Icon Status. Tracy Morgan called Palin good masturbation material; Obama had to fan himself after the ladies on The View told him how sexy he was. And there's the matter of those condoms bearing both of their faces.

5. A Bit of the Pied Piper. The Baby Palins might not like the new name bestowed on them to denote their youthful exuberance for the conservative cause, but the fact is, they're following right in her footsteps. Kind of like all those liberal kids who helped Obama win the White House in 2008.

6. Ancestors. Researchers have determined that the two are 10th cousins, tracing their ancestry back to John Smith, both through their mothers. Wait a minute, this could explain it all!

Come on America, help Ann Coulter out. How else is Sarah Palin like President Obama?


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