What's Brewing for the Week Of: September 7 (VIDEO)

what's brewing logoHere's What's Brewing this week at The Stir.

Each week in our video series, we feature five of the most talked about posts you might have missed on the site. Today we're bringing you stories about a superhero dad who saved his sons from being crushed by a tree during the hurricane; reality star Kate Gosselin's new gig; five cocktails you need to try before the summer ends; and more. The only similarity between these five buzz-worthy stories? They all generated A LOT of chatter.

Let's take a look ...


Superhero Dad Saves Boys From Being Crushed by a Tree During the Hurricane

Mom Was Right to Punch Principal Who Bullied Her Kid

Kate Gosselin Is Staying on TV After All

4 Ways to Get Your Child’s Bike Cool for School

5 Cocktails to Try Before the Summer Ends

Which parent do you think showed more courage: The dad who saved his kids from the falling tree or the mom who tried to protect her kid from the bully principal?


Kate Gosselin image via Splashnews.com

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