Most Loyal Dog Ever Gives Soldier Reason to Come Home

dog soldierSo, a warning before you watch this almost unbearably sweet video of a golden lab welcoming his "mommy" home after a year-long deployment in Afghanistan: If you don't currently own a dog, you will probably be on your way out the door to purchase one before the "replay" option even pops up. I'm not kidding.

I don't (yet) have a dog, though I always wanted one growing up. And I always swore that someday I'd get my kids the dog I never had, and I've been meaning to ... really I have! My daughter and son both would rather have a dog than just about any other item on this earth. We simply haven't lived in apartments with enough space or a decent backyard area, so I've been putting it off.

But now that I've watched this video? Yes kids, I have a feeling "Santa Claus" will be bringing a puppy this Christmas after all ...


Doesn't it just break your heart?? Pure, unadulterated YAY, YOU CAME BACK!!! No Where have you been? Why did you leave me for so long? How do I know you won't go away again??

And if there's anything a soldier needs when she goes home, it's unconditional love and loyalty. She might not want to talk about the things she did or the way she feels, and her dog certainly won't force her to spill her guts! She will, however, snuggle up with her weary owner on the couch and be a warm, solid, loving presence for years to come.

Do you know any dogs who are waiting to welcome a soldier home right now?


Image via YouTube

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