U.S. Government Believes in Abominable Snowman

All those crazy cryptozoologists and conspiracy theorists who love to believe in elves, Bigfoot, aliens, and the Easter Bunny have just been thrown a major bone. It seems our government, as early as 50 years ago, was on the lookout for the Yeti -- that's the "abominable snowman" to you and me.

Yes, you read that right. The US government was out on a mission to find Bigfoot.

The Yeti is from Nepal and has long been thought to be a myth since it was never caught or photographed. But the documents provided by the National Archives show that officials in the State Department, Foreign Service, and US Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal believed in the "Yeti" and had rules American expeditions had to follow in order to hunt for the mythical very real beast.


The rules:

  • Expeditions buy a permit: Because shooting an unarmed Yeti without paying the government is just wrong! Cruel! Cannot be stood for! All Yeti expeditions will not be laughed off the premises, but will instead be charged a small fee. Makes sense, no?
  • The beast must be photographed or taken alive: "It must not be killed or shot at except in an emergency arising out of self defense," Embassy Counselor Ernest Fisk said on November 30, 1959 in the document. Because, like Frankenstein, the Yeti might really just be misunderstood.
  • Government involvement: Any news proving the existence of the abominable snowman has to go through the Nepalese government because, duh. They want all credit and likely will kill you to steal all your secrets, no?

There is a scary truth to all this, all joking aside. If the government believed this, then it's possible that all we scoff at might be real as well. So what else does this mean we should be believing in? Fairies? Aliens? Santa? It's hard to know whether to laugh or to cry. I will say that seeing the government believe in this to this extent does make a person wonder. Maybe there is some validity to these ideas.

And while I'm still not ready to get on board with Roswell alien conspiracy theories, I'm also not 100 percent convinced that some of these creatures don't exist. After all, if the government regulates it, then they likely at least think there is some plausible truth to the whole thing.

And now I want to put on my expedition gear and find the Yeti (Yetis?) myself!

Do you think this is real?

Image via Todd Huffman/Flickr

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