Smart Runaway Cow Turns Herself In to Animal Sanctuary

brown cowBeing that Labor Day weekend is t-minus four hours away, you're probably going to eating a lot of hamburgers and hot dogs in the upcoming days, no? Well, before you sink your chompers into that juicy patty, think about Yvonne, Germany's runaway cow.

How does one describe Yvonne? Let's see ... well, she's smart. Really smart. Kind of cute. And has got (female) balls of steel. You see, a few months ago, Yvonne sensed that the end was near for her, so she did what you or I would do in a similar situation (situation = slaughterhouse time). She took off running. And no one could find her for three whole months.

Until now.


Actually, she turned herself in. To an animal sanctuary. Told you she was smart.

The bovine showed up on the farm of the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary in the Muehldorf area, near the Austrian border. Apparently, "tired of the loneliness," she jumped the fence to the farm and joined some fellow cows. One of the sanctuary's employees was able to identity Yvonne with the help of her ear tag.

So, what does this mean for the brown cow?

Well, nothing really. Thanks to public pressure, authorities revoked their "shoot on sight" order, and Yvonne is no longer destined to wind up on somebody's barbecue this weekend. As of now, she's "contently grazing with four calves" and her owners have plans to pick her up.

Holy cow! This is pretty damn amazing! And adorable. And inspirational for other cows. And it makes me think I just might not ever eat another burger again! Yvonne, you've touched the hearts of people across the globe -- that's not an easy thing, girl. Go, you. I hope the rest of your days are spent relaxing in the shade, munching on tasty grass, and doing whatever makes you totally and udderly happy.

(Sorry. Three-day weekend on the horizon.)

How amazing is Yvonne?


Image via Lee Coursey/Flickr

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