Violent Dad Teaches Son How to Be a Bully (VIDEO)

Nobody likes a mouthy teenager and nobody wants to see their child be hit or otherwise abused by another child. Most of us would fantasize about stepping in and giving a mean kid a taste of their own medicine, but few of us would really do it. But one dad in Florida did just that.

After agreeing to "referee" a fight between his 16-year-old son and another 16-year old boy, 35-year-old father Gary Leroy Johnson decided to get in on the action and fight himself. The result was downright criminal.

Eventually, his own 16-year-old son had to pull his dad off the teen boy. See for yourself:


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I don't care how mad you are. A fight between a scrawny 16-year-old and a grown man is hardly fair. And the idea that a "father" would model this kind of unabashed violence and assault for his son doesn't bode well for anyone's future.

It's despicable, wrong, and yes, even criminal. He may have thought he was proving how tough he was, but what he was really proving is that he is nothing but a disgusting bully who is too much of a loser to fight without his fists.

It has been a bad week for men and their sons -- a bad week for masculinity all around. The man who threw his son off a boat to "toughen him up" was probably coming from the same misguided place.

I hope my son grows better than these clowns. I hope he realizes that there isn't one model of masculinity that fits all and involves zero emotion and lots of fists. It seems we have come to accept over the years that women can be anything, but men are still relegated to one way of expressing their masculinity. It's disgusting.

This dad will raise a son who is emotionally stunted and violent. He may think he was helping his son "be a man," but what he is really doing is putting one more violent, unthinking fool into the world. As if we needed one.

Do you think this dad was wrong?


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