Man Donates Kidney to Wife's Ex-Husband to Save His Family (VIDEO)

man donated kidney to wifes ex walking his dogDivorcees aren't exactly known for getting along, especially once they're remarried. But Kim Leopard and her ex-husband Jeff Laviero are smashing stereotypes right and left. When 46-year-old Jeff lost both of his kidneys to a medical condition, Kim's new husband, Steve Leopard, stepped in and got tested to see if he might be a match for Jeff. Awesome, right? Thankfully, Steve was a match, and today, the two men are in recovery for the kidney donation.

I'm not sure just any second husband would do something like this. But Kim and Jeff have two daughters together, 16-year-old Brianna and 18-year-old Katie, and it was thinking of his step-daughters potentially losing their dad that motivated Leopard (who has two teen daughters of his own from his first marriage) to donate. You might say he went above and beyond.


But the truth is, what he did shouldn't be considered extraordinary. What he did just made sense to him; it was a no-brainer. I'm sure, to a great extent, he realized what he had to do, because he's also a father to two teen daughters, and if the roles had been reversed, he would have wanted Jeff to step in for him. It was easier for Steve Leopard to see himself in Jeff Laviero's shoes.

Steve explained:

It's going to create a special bond between us for the rest of our lives. It sounds like a bigger deal than I think it is. I know it's a good thing, but it makes me feel so good.

More of us could stand to think like Steve, or to at least try to put ourselves in a presumed adversary's shoes. I bet a lot of stress and grief could be saved if only more of us acted as selflessly as Steve Leopard, who simply prioritized the greater good of his family.

Check out the news story, in which Steve further explains his decision:

Are you surprised by Steve Leopard's kidney donation?


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