Rick Santorum Thinks Bible Lets Him Be a Bigot (VIDEO)

Piers Morgan Rick SantorumIt seems an awful lot like Rick Santorum has a bigotry problem. The Republican presidential candidate hates the gay community something fierce. He's accused them of going out on a jihad against him. He's compared same sex marriage to "man on child and man on dog." But thank goodness for his appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight. Now we know Rick Santorum isn't a bigot!

Because it's OK to be ignorant and hateful about a minority in America ... as long as the Bible tells you to. Hey, I didn't say it. Santorum did. Last night. On live TV.


Presenting Santorum with his own speeches about gays in America, including his remarks about the supposed "jihad" gays are leading against him, Morgan had Santorum backed right into a corner of his own making last night. The talk show host didn't have to throw a single blow. The former Senator took himself down. When asked if his comments about gays border on bigotry, the Roman Catholic replied:

No I think just because we disagree on public policy, which is what the debate has been about which is marriage, doesn't mean that it's bigotry. Just because you follow a moral code that teaches that something's wrong doesn't mean .... Are you suggesting that the Bible and that the Catholic Church is bigoted?

Oh! So it's the Bible and the Catholic Church telling him to stand up in public forums and preach hatred for a sector of the community? It's the church and a book written thousands of years ago that are forcing him to support clear discrimination against homosexuals by refusing to grant them equal rights under the law? Glad we cleared that up.

Because whoever is pulling Santorum's puppet strings, the result is a litany of angry, repulsive comments, the sort of things that meet the exact definition of "bigotry," at least as defined by our friends at Dictionary.com. His rhetoric is clearly biased, clearly narrow-minded, and he displays a "stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own."

Santorum is a bigot. And claiming that a church or a book share that bigotry doesn't let him off the hook. Frankly I'm tired of the "well, so and so says I can do it, so I am" excuse from Americans. Not just politicians -- all Americans. Personal responsibility has gone out the window. In its stead we have people who hide behind the party line or the views of one particular religion. We're forced to measure not a man, but an ideology in picking a president.

Check out the whole back and forth between Piers Morgan and Rick Santorum and tell us what you think?

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