Stolen Dog Finds His Way Home 5 Years Later

missing dog If you've ever had a pet just up and disappear, you know what it's like to have days pass where you wonder: Did they just run off? Are they lost? Are they hurt? Now imagine it's been five years since your dog went missing, and then he just reappears! It can't be a mistake that a dog returned to his owners five years after he was allegedly stolen from his front yard is named Candy Cane.

It's the kind of miracle you associate with Christmas. And this big ol' sap here was crying at the story.


I identify a lot with Kendra Claridy and Kayla Burton, who had adopted a little boxer puppy in 2005, only to have him disappear in late 2006. They thought their male pup had been stolen. But they never knew.

For us, it was our cat, Veruca (any Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans out there?) who just up and disappeared. Rescued with her brother as a kitten by my friend R., she'd been as much "ours" since 2003, at least as much as any cat really belongs to a human. She liked to spend her days outdoors catching mice, which she deposited on our front porch before coming inside for the night. And then one day last year, she was gone. My husband called for her in the evening to come inside for supper and sleep, and she didn't appear.

Like Candy Cane's parents, we did everything we could to find her. But it was all to no avail. As days turned to weeks, and our calls to animal control, the vet, etc. heeded us nothing, we went from worry to anger and back again. She was our most loving, affectionate cat. For her to willingly leave human behinds was ... in a word, strange. Could she have been taken? Could some jerk have thought it funny to pick her up and drive her away?

You can't help but lose a bit of faith in humanity when your buddy goes missing. But news that Candy Cane came back, that five years later someone found him wandering around 10 miles from home, had his microchip traced, and gave him back to his rightful owners, makes me feel better about life. That there are people who understand the bond of pet and owner and wouldn't dare break it.

Have you ever lost a pet?


Image via Lord Jim/Flickr

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