Impulsive Man Decides to Cut Off Toes After Only 30 Minutes of Being Trapped

toesSomeone get James Franco on the horn, we've got a live one here. A Colorado man is having a little trouble walking today after he made the intense decision to cut off all five of his toes after they were stuck under a six-ton trailer. While logging in the middle of nowhere, Jon Hutt, 61, slipped trying to unload the trailer from his truck. The trailer then fell on his right foot, totally pinning Jon, and his five foot phalanges, in place.

Without cellphone service and with no way out, Jon took out his pocket knife and started cutting off his little piggies one by one. The painful ordeal was a lot quicker than Franco's portrayal of hiker Aron Ralston cutting off his arm in the movie 127 Hours ... Jon sawed through his extremities in 1,800 seconds.


Mmmhmm. That means that from the time Jon was trapped until he'd cut off all his toes was about 30 minutes. Now. I wasn't there, I don't know what he was going through, I'm not Jon -- HOWEVER. You better believe that I would've cooled my jets for at least 24 hours before I started amputating my body parts. The idea of carving off my toes is way worse than spending the night in the mud, just praying for someone to happen to find me.

But not Jon, man. That guy is tough as nails. He told his local news station:

I looked at the time frame of when I'd get help up there and I could not think of another way out. I'd cut until I couldn't take it for a little bit. Then I'd take a breath or two and go back to work. Towards the end, I don't know if the knife was getting dull or if I was giving in a little bit, but it seemed like it took longer to get the last little bit done than it should have.

After he freed himself, he got in his truck, put it in cruise control, and drove until he got cellphone service, then called 911. An ambulance met him on the side of the road. Now Jon says he's on the mend and just has to deal with a lot of toe jokes.

I'm impressed by Jon's decision, it couldn't have been an easy one to make. Well, maybe it was, because he only really thought about it for about 15 minutes before taking out his knife. I've spent longer time in the cereal aisle deciding between Pops or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I guess I would've been under that trailer for way toe long.

What would you have done?

Photo via Dan4th/Flickr

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