Daryl Hannah's Arrest Makes Me Want to Be a Better American (VIDEO)

Daryl Hannah arrest
Daryl Hannah gets handcuffed
Hear, hear for actress Daryl Hannah who was arrested today and taken away from the White House in handcuffs for standing up in peaceful protest against a project she feels is harmful to our country! God knows this country could use a lot more people standing up for it, in a million different ways.

Hannah's no stranger to civil resistance and her cause this time? Protesting against the Keystone pipeline expansion project, which she explains would greatly increase oil imports to the United States from Canada, threaten water aquifers and ecosystems, and seal our dependency on fossil fuels. I don't know enough about this project on either side to know if I agree or disagree, but I can't help but be inspired by Hannah's dedication to this environmental cause. I mean, the biggest thing I've protested lately is my husband's incessant need to buy apples all the way from New Zealand. And I didn't even win.


There was a time (when I had more time) that I took part locally in protests and actions for causes I believe in. Nowadays, those actions are limited pretty much to my own household. We do our tiny part for the environment, donate to causes and politicians we believe in, and vote in every election. Of course, watching Hannah stand up in a bigger way reminds me how good it used to feel to take a bigger stand for the causes I support.

Before her arrest and the arrest of several other protesters, Hannah explained:

Sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice your freedom temporarily for a greater freedom. And in this case, we want to be free of our dependence on fossil fuels.

I totally agree with Hannah. This may be exactly what our country needs to get back on track. But instead, I just feel frozen, handcuffed in my own silence and inability to figure what I can do to make a difference. I want to rise up, but, like many Americans, I don't know how or where to begin. This leaves me feeling morose and leads to feelings of powerlessness that, in turn, becomes actual powerlessness.

Maybe Daryl Hannah of all the people in the world can remind us today that a simple protest can give us back our voices. Is today the day that message gets through to you?

WATCH Daryl Hannah's arrest at the White House:

Do you take part in protests or other actions for causes you support? Why or why not?


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