Daycare Stabbings Could Happen to Our Kids

Finding good childcare is one of the biggest challenges of parenthood, but affording it once you find it is a whole other hardship. For migrant workers in China, sometimes the care is less than you might want. And never was that more obvious than this week when a daycare worker went on a rampage and slashed eight little children in a Chinese daycare used by migrant workers.

Luckily all of the children are expected to survive, but it raises a very big issue. These "informal schools and nurseries" specifically made to serve migrant families are considered unsafe by many who would like to see them closed. Stories like these make it obvious just why, but just what are parents supposed to do?

In this country we have similar issues, and in many parts of the country, the cost of quality childcare actually exceeds the income of one of the parents. So how do parents afford it?


The answer: They make choices. They either go into debt or stay home, or they choose daycares that aren't accredited or don't come highly recommended, and they hope for the best.

It may be happening across the world, but we can all relate. No one wants to send their child to a school where violence can erupt, which keeps on happening in China. In 2010 there were many attacks. In March 2010, a doctor stabbed eight young children to death. In May 2010, seven children and two adults were hacked to death at a kindergarten.

It seems school violence isn't unique to China, and as parents no matter where you are in the world, it's easy to relate. No parent wants to trust someone with their child only to have that trust violated so egregiously.

Who hired this woman? How did a woman with such mental health problems end up working with children? And let's not kid ourselves that just because it happened in China, it couldn't happen here. It absolutely could.

My heart goes out to all the families who experienced this.

Do you think this could happen in the US?


Image via Victor Bezrukov/Flickr

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