Weather Reporter Gets Blasted With Raw Sewage During Irene Coverage (VIDEO)

tucker barnesHurricane Irene coverage was a 24/7 endeavor for most news networks. We got to see rookie reporters being pummeled by rain, wind, and the rogue streaker. But no field reporter had it worse than Washington, D.C.'s Tucker Barnes. A local meteorologist for WTTG-TV in our nation's capital, Barnes was sent to the front lines of Hurricane Irene as she battered the shores of Ocean City, Maryland. Little did he know that what happened during his live broadcast is easily one of the most disturbing images to come out of the cat one storm.

While standing on the boardwalk as the Atlantic raged a few feet below, Barnes was being covered in what looked like brown sea foam. Well ... it was brown all right, but unfortunately, it wasn't sea foam. It was raw sewage.


Holy shit, right? The poor guy is just standing there, knee deep, in poop foam and he doesn't even realize it. At one point he hypothesizes that the foam is some sort of organic matter like plankton or something. He was right that it was organic, but the rest? Mmm not so much.

Barnes laments during his coverage that the stuff smells really bad, that it has a sandy and soapy consistency, and that it doesn't taste great, either. I think I learned from an early age that if it smells like poop, feels like poop, and tastes like poop, then it is probably poop.

The toxic shit storm hammered Barnes for about five minutes as he just stood there like a real seasoned meteorologist who was excited about the dramatic shot he had set up and who was blissfully unaware of the facts.

The anchors back in the news room were more wary of the stuff, warning Barnes to get out of there before the "bizarre wild substance" buried him. It was later discovered that the foam was actually raw sewage that had been dumped into the ocean not too far away and whipped into a foam by the strong winds.

If that's true, if Barnes sustained a hurricane and a shit storm, I think he deserves some kind of medal. Because when the shit hits the fan or, in this case, winds up to 60 mph, it's never pretty. I wish Barnes a thorough shower and a promotion to a desk job. He's suffered enough from this crappy assignment. Zing!

WATCH Tucker Barnes get blasted by raw sewage:

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