Psycho Guy Shaves Girlfriend's Head While She's Sleeping

David BustosYou know how relationship experts always say you shouldn't go to bed angry? Well, here's even more reason not to do so. In Florida last week, a couple had a fight. David Bustos, 26 -- the male half of the couple -- was so angry he stormed out of his girlfriend's home in Immokalee; she went to bed.

When she awoke, she found Bustos on top of her in the process of one of the most unthinkable acts of revenge ever. It will give you nightmares, I promise.


There he was straddling her in her bed with a pair of electric clippers going to town on her head. He shaved off all of her hair!

Can you imagine? Besides killing me or inflicting some serious bodily damage, I'm not sure I can think of anything else someone could do to me or any woman that would hurt more. It may just be hair, but it's our HAIR. He's like a male Lorena Bobbitt -- chopping off something so sacred to most females.

What a vile, vile man. And don't you just want to slap that smug smile off of his face in that mug shot? Fortunately, she was able to kick him off before he did anything worse than the hair removal and inflicting a few nicks to her head in the process, and she ran to a neighbor's house. Police found the evidence -- shaved-off braids -- at her home, and arrested Bustos the next day. He's been charged with domestic battery, but just how do you punish someone for doing something so mean-spirited?

Restitution in the form of buying her some great wigs and hats would be a good start, but nothing could ever really make up for doing something like that to a woman. A shaved head isn't even going to help her with a porn career, like it did John Wayne Bobbitt. I hope the judge throws the book at Bustos hard enough to knock some decency into him and that he doesn't get off like Lorena did.

What's the worst act of revenge someone has taken or you ... or you have taken on someone else?

Image via James Bowe/Flickr

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