Republicans Have No Right to March in Wisconsin Labor Day Parade

labor day paradeLet's say you're getting married. Imagine planning the wedding ... are you going to ask your fiance's skanky ex-girlfriend, the one who's been trying to break you guys up since Day One, to be a bridesmaid? Not so much. Or, let's say you're inviting a bunch of co-workers out for drinks to celebrate your new promotion. Are you going to ask along that guy who tried to get you fired for a mistake you didn't even make? Nah, probably not.

If you ask me, these hypothetical predicaments are no different from the current controversial situation in Wisconsin, where a group of union officials has voted to ban Republican politicians from a local Labor Day parade.

After the notoriously anti-working class stunts the Wisconsin GOP pulled this year, who could blame the union for not wanting them to crash an event honoring the working class?


Marathon County Central Labor Council sponsors the parade, so I completely understand and support the position of Council president Randy Radtke: Only politicians who have demonstrated support for workers' rights are "welcome at the festivities."

"It should come as no surprise that organizers choose not to invite elected officials who have openly attacked workers' rights," said Radtke.

Earlier this year, Gov. Scott Walker (R) passed a "budget repair bill" that stripped most of the collective bargaining rights from public employees. All but one GOP state senator voted in support of the measure, which was fiercely opposed by Democrats.

To allow these politicians to march in a Labor Day parade, paying supposed homage to a segment of the population they blatantly slighted and continue to ignore, would be a slap in the face to Wisconsin union workers.

Do you think Republican politicians in Wisconsin should be allowed to march in the Labor Day parade?


Image via Shaun Grenier/Flickr

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