5 Frightening & Funny Hurricane Irene Moments (VIDEOS)

streakers in Hurricane IreneAs most of the nation has been either preparing for Hurricane Irene or watching others prepare for it from our non-affected areas, news crews have been working around the clock to inform us about the storm. Some of what they've captured on film has been terrifying as we witness the power of Mother Nature to destroy (15 have been reported dead due to the storm), but there have also been a few humorous moments along the way too.

One thing is certain; there's no shortage of footage from Irene (who has now been downgraded to a tropical storm). Here are five of the craziest videos I've seen so far -- from frightening to funny.


The first one takes place in Virginia Beach as a bunch of guys goes streaking behind a clearly frustrated reporter. Dangerous and stupid yes, but still pretty funny. Warning: There's some nudity, though it's hard to see.

In this next one Tucker Barnes of Fox News get covered in some mysterious and disgusting "organic" substance in Ocean City, Maryland. Say it with me, Ewwww!

Here's one from CNN in which a couple and their cat had to be rescued from a sailboat in Delaware. They were trying to outrun the storm when they had engine trouble.

Though Florida didn't take much of a hit from Irene, there were some big waves, including this one that wiped eight people off of a jetty.

Finally here's one from Long Island, in which a life guard tower gets washed away by waves at Long Beach.

What footage have you seen from Hurricane Irene that has freaked  you out or made you laugh?

Image via You Tube

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